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2084, [Jan. 12th, 2009|12:48 pm]
Activism U.K.
Britain is officially the most 'watched' nation on earth. With less than 1 per cent of the global population, Britain can boast 20 per cent of the world's closed-circuit TV cameras; the average inhabitant is caught on camera 300 times a day. Despite this erosion of personal privacy by the omnipresent cameras, and the regular mislaying of data-sensitive files and computers by government employees in 2008, few Britains have so far complained.
Source - NewInternationalist Jan/Feb 2009.

[User Picture]From: bluwyngz
2009-01-12 08:46 pm (UTC)
Did you take the picture? My wife thinks it's brilliant (and strongly agrees with the Britain is over-watched thing).
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From: stolencompass
2009-01-15 12:49 pm (UTC)
It was a part of an international graffiti display in London last year. I think its brilliant too.. and more than a little scary.
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[User Picture]From: mintogrubb
2009-01-12 10:51 pm (UTC)
personally, I am glad we have these cameras everywhere.
The kids who took Jamie bulger were caught on camera, the nblokes who planted the London Bombs on 7/7 were found because we had CCTV film on them , we even nabbed the guys who struck two weeks later.

i also work in the public domain . I carry radio and I can call up cameras to watch me and keep me safe. We need more hi tech stuff like this.

Yeah, if you are cheating on your wife, it makes it harder, but hey, we are safer as a result. as someone who has nothing to hide, I want more cameras , not less.
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From: stolencompass
2009-01-15 12:46 pm (UTC)
I don't want to live in a totalitarian state, mistrusted everywhere I go and spied on. Trust is beautiful, not something to be used to manipulate 'public' environments.
Security cameras work for those in power, for street crimes..put the cameras in the palaces, offices, police stations (and observe them)..they're the ones who need to be watched.
'There are now generations of children who have never known life without CCTV camera surveillance in the United Kingdom.'
Thats crazy.. and this,

CCTV boom has failed to slash crime, say police

So what good could it possibly bring?
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[User Picture]From: mintogrubb
2009-01-15 08:45 pm (UTC)
well, i am one of these guys who works in the public domain.

it's my safety we are talking about here. Some yob tries to knife me while I am on the job, ii want the cops to nail the little bastard, not some bleeding heart social worker trying to tell me that he was poor and hard done by.

the fact that CCTV fails is down to cops not using it properly, or lack of better software. We get that sorted and conviction rates will soar.
the alternative to cameras is having real live coppers going about everywhere and watching every tube station and every street.

And that isn't such a bad idea either. More cops, more cameras and less yobs running about would suit me downn to the ground.
Young thugs don't go breaking into the homes of the rich and famous or terrorising top politicians - it is ordinary Joes like me they tend to come after.

i would sooner see two coppers walk down my street or where I work every ten minutes than a gang of skinheads turning up once a week, thanks. YMMV.
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